Monday, April 8, 2013

'the Heck???

Today, while typing away at the computer, I felt a little chilly, so I rubbed my legs (I was wearing shorts).  As I tried to warm myself up, I  noticed that my knees felt cold to the touch, which made me theorize why.  Must have something to do with the ratio of meat to bone and the fact that bone doesn’t have all the warm blood coursing through it like flesh does.
Which then led to this thought:
“One day when I die, this is probably how the rest of my body will feel.”
Macabre, party of one, your table is ready.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Downside of Pinterest

I've decided that Pinterest is the devil's playground.

I want a flat stomach.
After 3 kids, I know this will never be.  Not without surgical intervention.
I want porcelain skin.
Considering I'm a lovely shade of pale yellow, I doubt this will ever happen.
I want space between my thighs.
Let me clarify.  I want space between my thighs, WHILE MY ANKLES TOUCH.
I want a glorious mane.
I'd even take it gray.  There's dye for that kind of problem.
I want perfectly arched eyebrows.
I've been blessed with a case of disappearing eyebrows.
I want an amazing wardrobe.
And not repeat for at least a month.
I want to own lots and lots of shoes.
Ahhh, to not have to wear the same shoes multiple times a week.
I want to have the kind of lifestyle where I would have a need for something like this.
What good is having it if you've got nowhere to wear it?

This is the problem with Pinterest.  It makes me WANT.

What's wrong with me the way I am?  I'm healthy.  Young children don't run from the sight of me.  I have a few nice things.  I'm doing ok.

But I want so much more.  Does this mean that I am unappreciative of what I have?  I kind of feel like it does.  After all, everything that I want is material, spurred by a craving to want to be beautiful and to have beautiful things.  

To be a better person, does it mean I have to fight this feeling?  I mean, what good can come from wanting all the pretty things?

But they're all so pretty...

I guess I've made my mind up.  I'm going cold turkey, deleting all my pins, and closing my Pinterest account tonight.
April Fools

Don't try to make sense of it.