Friday, March 9, 2012

Eating, I Mean WALKING For A Worthy Cause

Question:  How do you gain weight from participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life?

Short Answer:  Eat more (in 24 hours) than you can walk off (in 24 hours).

Long Answer:  Start the morning with a healthy, delicious Gala apple (thank you Sprouts) and a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Set up your site, walk a few laps, and chat it up with the ladies.
Yes, I realize I have channeled Horshack in this picture.

Take a break and have a mid-morning snack (thank you Trader Joe's).

Walk a few more laps, participate in the "Eat An Oreo Off Your Face" contest, make friends, and hear some amazing survivor stories.

Lunch time (thank you Jersey Mike's)!

Encourage your son to launch a ball from a woman's bra.

We must support the cause.

Participate in watermelon eating contest.

Encourage the family to let out some aggression the good old fashioned way: by hitting each other with inflatable objects.

All the walking (and eating) required adequate hydration.

 Thank you Chameleon Beverage!

Walk a lot more, chat it up a lot more, cool off with some Dippin Dots.

Dinner time!  Salad, tater tots, and the best tri-tip sliders ever (thank you Billy D'z).

Still hungry.  Wander over to the free taco table (thank you Rubios).

Nightfall.  Walk some more.

Luminaria ceremony.  Bagpipe player.  Beautiful and emotionally wrenching. Walk a lap in silent remembrance of those who survived and those who didn't.

5 brownies and one cold night* later...

 These were the best store bought brownies I've ever tasted.

Dawn breaks.  And frosty grass crunches.  Eat another apple.  Find some cookies from yesterday (because that apple can only go so far).

 Even a day old, they were still delicious.  Somebody spared no expense.

Walk our final laps and say goodbye to a bunch of new friends.

A memorable experience.  And a weighty one.

Joking aside, this event raised a ton of money for a great cause.  My legs are sore and my gut is big, but I'm happy to have participated and helped raise money to fight this terrible disease.

*Ok, so I didn't exactly spend the night...I lay snug as a bug in my bed at home.  But I heard it was really cold that night.

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