Friday, December 28, 2012

Q4 2012 Post Season Wrap-Up

Trying turkey neck for the first time.  Gag
Never trust the words, "You've never had them?  They're DELICIOUS."
Getting a family member to cry at the Thanksgiving table.  Sorry Mom!
Really?  I made someone cry AGAIN?
Going salt-free (a fate worse than death).
Low Sodium chicken broth?  Might as well be drinking water.
Rum cakes and polvorones.
World's worst baker, right here.
Family Time.
Crazy runs in the family.

Mental note:  Stop taking pictures with my 20 year old cousins.


This would've been great if it weren't blurry.
Gift Exchanges.
Is anyone ever really happy with gift exchanges?
Discovering just how bad of a dancer I am.
Holiday eating.
BH and my three blessings.

I have no idea when M learned how to eat with chop sticks.
Now that's my kind of holiday spread.

I'm classically conditioned to salivate at the sight of Reynolds Foil.

Hope your holiday season was happy and filled with warm times.

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