Friday, February 15, 2013

Shooting Hoops

M had his first basketball game last weekend.  He's in the 5-7 boy/girl age group, and not one kid on this team looks like they've ever played basketball before.  

This makes for some good sports-viewing.

I've seen plenty of 1st grader soccer games in my life, and those are's like a swarm of bees traveling around the field, with legs flying left and right.  Basketball is even better. The addition of the ball being bounced and thrown brings an element of slapstick to an already chaotic situation.  

M has been watching his brothers play basketball for the past 3 years, and he was practically giddy at the thought of donning a uniform and "shooting some hoops" (somehow it's adorable when those words come from chubby cheeks).

P is assistant coach to M's team, which makes my heart swell with pride.  He lines them up and starts them with stretching exercises.  For an hour and a half, Coach P is all patience and kindness.  He's on his way to becoming a man, it's happening right before my eyes.

M played all four quarters.  I'd like to say it was because he was such a valuable player, but at this age, if you have two legs, you're as valuable as the next kid.  He did have a few notable moments, however.  In the 2nd quarter, he attempted to pass the ball and succeeded in pegging a teammate in the head.  

At close distance.  

Like, as in, one foot away.  

It was pretty funny, but I couldn't laugh too much, because some people have no sense of humor about those kinds of things.

Here's his other standout moment.  Notice his dribbling skills.  

Even with a dribble to the face, he keeps on going.

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