Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea: Bulletproof Clipboard

Work can be a killer.  You never know when you might to need to tuck and roll behind the pothos to avoid crossfire.  Fortunately for us, the folks at ThinkGeek have got it all covered.  Introducing the Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard:

For the low price of $44.99, you too can feel peace of mind when you walk into your next board meeting.  Perfect for Christmas, what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than by stopping a 9mm dead in it's path.  Makes a great secret Santa gift!

Made of Level 2 body armor, this functional gift holds paper and stops bullets.

Order now, while supplies are in stock.

*NumberWhisperer is not affiliated with ThinkGeek.  This is purely tongue-in-cheek, folks.

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Bigger than Average Mom said...

I should purchase this for my boss. I think he'd not only get a kick out of it, but he'd probably also use it. LOL