Monday, November 21, 2011

On Thanksgiving Day

I opened the fridge
On this Thanksgiving Day
To make me some turkey with yam

But all that was there
To my utter despair
Was a fatty, cold serving of spam

I couldn’t believe
I’d forgotten to plan
For this yummiest day of the year

So to quiet my nerves
And to settle my mind
I guzzled a bottle of beer

With a false sense of strength
And a steely resolve
I determined to still find a way

To get me some turkey
And maybe some pie
And salvage what’s left of my day

Like any good child
In a pinch or a jam
Who needs her when feeling bereft

I called on Dear Mom
And was saddened to hear
That a carcass was all that was left

What’s that you say?
I’m in shocked disbelief
“You told me you bought a big bird!”

I’m hungry, no, STARVING
And feeling so weak
As I chug down my second (or third)

Whatever she said
I paid her no mind
As I hung up the phone with disgust

Went back to the fridge
With a sigh of defeat
Guess I’ll settle for spam if I must

1 comment:

Bigger than Average Mom said...

i like this... reminds me of any typical day...