Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Siete de Mayo!

I have a dumb question for all you non-West Coast folks.  Do you look at our west coast Cinco de Mayo celebrating and scratch your heads?  Do you wonder what on earth all the partying is about?

Well, I'm here to tell you that, for most, there's no real historical significance to the event.  I mean, sure it's based on an actual historical event, but truthfully, it's more about having an opportunity (in that long stretch between Easter and Memorial Weekend) to par-tay.  That pretty much covers it.

Factually speaking, the holiday is based on the victory the Mexican militia experienced over the French many years ago.  Apparently, the victory was unexpected.  Hence the intense celebrating.

L has a state history assignment due this month, and he, conveniently enough, chose the Avila Adobe over at Olvera Street to report on.  Olvera Street is accepted as the oldest part of downtown Los Angeles and is home to many of the Mexican chotchkies that are a part of our culture.  You know, stuff like Lucha Lucha masks and creepy marionettes.

Since Cinco de Mayo was right around the corner, we decided to make our field trip coincide with it and hopefully get some Mexican culture along the way.

We were wrong.

All we saw were people.

Lots and lots of people.

Nary a mariachi or folklorico dancer in sight.  Kind of disappointing.

But the Adobe was fun.  It's restored and gives a nice glimpse into early California living.  Well, by "living, I mean only if you were a wealthy Alcalde.  Think Zorro, if you need perspective.

The highlight of our trip, sadly, had nothing to do with Mexico or Cinco de Mayo.  But it sort of had something to do with the Adobe.  While touring the place, we brushed elbows with this guy:

BH picked him out right away and first identified him as the guy in that new show, Awake.  His name is Jason Isaacs.  I had no idea who he was talking about, but when he said 'Captain Hook', I went straight for my camera.  I loved this version of Peter Pan and thought he was a good pick for Hook/Father.

A millisecond after grabbing my camera, I realized I was acting like a starstruck, slightly pathetic 40 year old woman.  It made me stop and take pause.  Is there a way I can get his photo without him knowing I was taking it?  After all, we are at historical site...stop it, crazy stalker lady, he's here with his kids!

And then, just like that, he and his family left.  Poof.  Opportunity gone.  Fortunately, BH had the good sense to get the kids' attention and surreptitiously point out Captain Hook before he walked away.  So, in the end, a good time was had by all.

On the way home, BH and I were talking about how we had wanted to get a picture with him.  We talked about how he isn't really huge yet, and he's on a new show, so he probably would've appreciated the fan attention.  And then we googled him and realized he's also this guy:

Uh yeah, we're total idiots.

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