Monday, June 11, 2012

Laser Tag at Paint Ball USA

In this family, the kids have big birthday parties every other year.  On their off years, they get the standard family get-together, with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  So basically, they get a big birthday party every year, the difference being one year it's family, the other year it's friends.

This year was L's turn for his big blow out.  Since he was turning ten, this party marked the end of his "invite all your friends and have an extravaganza" style party.  After this, it's strictly 2 or 3 kids going somewhere fun.  So he knew he had to make this one count.

He chose laser tag at a local paintball venue.

Last Saturday, we made the drive over to Paintball USA for the big day.  Including him, we had 11 kids, which was perfect for two decent-sized teams.

The Hay Bales field.
The Tires field.
One end of the Buildings field.
Another view of the Buildings field.
And another.
More Buildings field.
And still more Buildings.
Can you tell this was the best field?
Best thing about laser vs fear.
These kids were worn out by the end of the day.
Walking back from the Airsoft field.
The birthday boy.

This place was located in the middle of a bunch of farmland, but that didn't stop it from being crowded with paintballers of all ages.  No joke, I think I saw just as many adults as I did kids doing this stuff.

The slight downer of the day was that our group was clearly the youngest (and only) group doing laser tag, so it made them the object of a few snickers.  Our kids could hear the comments, so it definitely dampened their enthusiasm.   I felt bad, but they shook it off and still managed to enjoy themselves.

Oh yeah, and I got shot in the booty by a stray paintball.

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