Friday, June 1, 2012

Minors, Miners, and Minecraft

It started about 2 months ago.  Someone's friend discovered it and began telling others about it.  Soon thereafter, the begging began.  And it never let up.

"Please, Mom, can you look it up on GamerDad and see if it's appropriate?"

(GamerDad is my go-to source for video game appropriateness)

"Mom, did you go to GamerDad yet?"

"Moooommmm, it's only $24 and you don't have to pay every month, like Club Penguin."

"Mooooooommmmmm, if H and I pay for it with our money, can we buy it, pleeeeeeeeze......"

"MOM, when are you going to look on GamerDad?!?!"

I had already decided this game was ok, after I had learned about it last year.  I was just postponing it, because our computer is on it's last leg. 

But those kids were persistent.  They wore me down.  And out of all the lame video games out there, this one seemed pretty cool, even to me.  So we bought it.  Or rather, THEY bought it.

That was two weeks ago..the day I said goodbye to my precious laptop.  The day Minecraft moved in and cast a death-like grip on my children's imaginations. 

Needless to say, I've been a little inconvenienced by this new development.  I have no time to catch up on Suri's Burn Book or Passive Aggressive Notes.  Or to dream up witty, clever posts like this.

I'm down to one back-up post, and I'm feeling the pinch. 

I'm going to have to figure something out soon.  Considering we have 3 hours in the evening to finish homework, make dinner, take baths, and play on the computer...I'm just hoping they get burned out real quick.

Alright, gotta go, my time is up.

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