Monday, August 6, 2012

A Ballerina and Her Socks

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina.  Long arms, long legs, pointed toes, beautiful costumes...I wanted it bad.  But this poor little Latina didn't have much opportunity for stardom, so I tucked away that dream and fulfilled a different destiny.

But then I discovered the Los Angeles Sock Market.

Am I the only one who could spend a solid hour looking at socks?  This place has EVERY kind of sock you can imagine, from leg warmers to Japanese toe socks for women, kids, and men.  By the time I walked out, I had purchased a pair of Virgin Mary socks for my mom (bc she likes to be close to God), Frida Kahlo socks for one sister (bc she dressed up as her for Halloween one year), and Japanese toe socks for the other (bc she is always mistaken for Asian).

See what I mean?
Alright, back to the ballerina dream.  Turns out the Sock Market has a fairly healthy assortment of ballerina shoe in "socks that look like ballerina shoes."  The 6 year old in me COULD NOT RESIST, and I added a pair to my purchase.

Now, to make the dream a reality.  I enlisted L's help to play photographer to my ridiculous antics and it only took a few tries before we nailed it with this little gem:

And, now whenever anyone asks if I ever did ballet (which no one ever has), I can pull out this photo and say, "Why yes, I have, and I was quite good at it."

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