Friday, October 26, 2012

Life With Boys

Conversation over homework tonight:

Me:  "Uuugghhh, who did that?  Charley, was that you?"

L (smiling devilishly):  "It was me."

Me:  "L, that was YOU???"

M:  "Eeeuuuuwwwww, I didn't know you could make them that bad."

L (walking by proudly):  "M, you'll be there one day.  I can do them as bad as P now, because I'm growing up."

P (walking in):  "You know what are the worst ones?  The silent but deadlies.  No one can hear them, but they smell the worst.  And they burn.  Mom, am I right?  They burn don't they?"

Me:  "I'm not participating in this conversation."

P:  "That means you know!  I'm telling Dad you've had them!"

Me:  "Still not participating."

A few minutes go by.

L:  "You guys might not want to breath for a while."

Me:  "Really, L?  Go use the bathroom!"

L:  "I don't need to, there's nothing in there.  I feel great, like I could run a marathon.  Well, not run a marathon, but maybe host one."

A few minutes later.

L:  "INCOMING!!!!"

He used to be so sweet, inside and out.


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I.HATE.FARTS. Pearl alwaaaays has gas and she never holds back. She's a fart-walker. :::barf:::

I recognize that picture. :)

Number Whisperer said...

Fart walking? She needs to practice her kegels. lol