Monday, January 21, 2013

PSA: Move Over Sarah McLachlan

Starving children have Sally Struthers.

Abused animals have Sarah McLachlan.

Children and pets...these two segments of our society, the most adorable and deserving of protection, have, for years, been the focus of charity efforts.  And deservedly so.  They're innocent, filled with goodness, and vulnerable to the evils of this world.

But this post isn't about children or animals.  It's about a currently under-served, yet vital, productive member of our society.  These members are much loved and little protected from the abuse and risk that comes with their position.

 People, I'm talking about stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are as adorable and as vulnerable as any puppy or baby out there, yet ZERO dollars are going towards the protection and welfare of these silent victims.

Often the perpetrators of such abuse are precisely those who we are devoting much time and resource protecting:  children and animals. 

I'd like you to meet Pinguino2.  Pinguino2 was little brother to Pinguino1 and older brother to Pinguino3.  Pinguino2 fell victim to Charley last night, after years of failed attempts on his life.  Pinguino2 and his family have lived in fear for their lives for years.  The constant abuse that he, along with his siblings, has faced is hard to even imagine.

Warning: the following images may be too graphic for young children.

This kind of fate is not uncommon for the many stuffed animals of the world.  Aggressive violence and blatant neglect at the hands of children and pets is rampant in the stuffed animal community.  

But you can help.

For as little as $5 a day, you can help build a safe, secure environment for this under-served population.  And with your donation, you will receive a photo and a personal profile of the stuffed animal you are adopting.

Meet George.  He was rescued from an abusive 18 month old.
Won't you please help the (stuffed) animals?

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