Monday, March 4, 2013

Still Strapped, Still In Love

Last month marked the 21 year anniversary of our first kiss.

We've officially crossed the "we've been together half our lives" mark.  From this point on, we can say we've been together longer than we've been apart.  That blows me away.  Mostly, because I can't believe I'm that old.  But also because I feel like we've only been together maybe 10 years, max.

In both cases, how I feel inside doesn't match up with the sheer volume of years that is our anniversary.  I suppose for some people, twenty years may feel more like 40, but for me, it's the other way around.  So we decided to piece together a timeline, from that first kiss 21 years ago, to now. 

Our goal was to remember something...anything... about each year we've been together.  It didn't have to be anything major, the exercise was designed to prove to ourselves that we've got 20+ years of memories together.

Here's what we came up with

1992 - First kiss at the The Cowboy Boogie. Yes, this great romance has it's beginnings in a seedy country western bar.
1993 - Engaged!  And shacking up.
1994 - "I do."
Weak in the knees.

1995 - First career job; so excited to be making $26k.
1996 - Back to school.
1997 - BH's mom passes away.
Forever grateful to this lady.

1998 - MBA.
Notice that twinkle in his eye?  See 1999.

1999 - Our first bundle of joy!
To say, "your lives will change forever" is an understatement.

2000 - Our first home.
2001 - Cancer scare.

When the doctor puts his hand on your knee, you know it's serious.  Either that or he's a perv.

No evidence for malignancy!  All three times!!!

2002 - Our second bundle of joy.
Hello, my little gift.

2003 - Discover L's food allergies:  milk, egg, peanut, and soy.
This was the last time he had a real baked treat for 6 years.

2004 - Children's Hospital of Orange County; add asthma to the list.
2005 - Guess who's not done making babies?  Me!
There's a bun in that oven.
2006 - Our third bundle of joy!
Our family is complete.

2007 - New home; new schools, new community.
2008 - First family camping trip.
2009 - BH's surprise birthday party.
2010 - Charley.
Let it be known that if I have a bad picture of you, it will make its way into my blog.  Not even pets are safe.

2011 - Our little friend, Thomas, loses his fight with cancer.
One brave kid.

2012 - Best camping spot EVER.
San Simeon, CA
2013 - And here we are, 21 years later.

That's it, 21 years of memories.  For sure, there are way more than that, but those were the first that came to mind for each year.  After going through them, BH had a moment of silence over how mundane our life appears on paper.  No fancy trips, no amazing stories.

"Still strapped," he said.

"And still in love," I replied.

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TILTE said...

I noticed the Cheesecake Factory menu. Back when you were rich.

And that picture of Charley could not get any creepier.