Friday, October 7, 2011

Pitbull Is Teaching Me Spanish

I have a few fears.  One of them is Alzheimer's.  My dad's dad had Alzheimer's when he died, as did a few others on that side of the family.  It may be true that I'm basing my fears on faulty logic, but I figure if alopecia is an inherited trait from your father's side, Alzheimer's could be too.  And for that reason, combined with the feeling that I am constantly losing my mind, I have done some research on the subject.  The articles and papers themselves are too boring to post, so I'll paraphrase:

Eat healthy, exercise, have an active, social lifestyle, and keep your mind challenged; and then MAYBE you'll hold onto your brain until you die.  Oh yeah, and be blessed with good genes.  

It probably boils down to good genes, but seeing as how I'm not blessed in that way, I'm going to have to cross my fingers and hope that my lifestyle can make up the difference.  So I started zumba in January (that requires a whole separate post), I feel guilty every time I eat junk food, and I've started taking Spanish lessons.  From Pitbull.

Who's Pitbull?  He's a Cuban-American rapper who is hugely popular these days.  He's been around for a while and is known for his utterly inappropriate lyrics and completely danceable tracks.  Did I say his lyrics are inappropriate?  It bears repeating.  Despite that, I cannot keep myself away from his music.  It's a totally illicit, guilty pleasure.

I was going to paste a video for you to experience his music for yourself, but I couldn't besmirch this lovely blog with such filth.  Pity.  Shake Senora is genius.

Fortunately for me, Pitbull is helping me stave off Alzheimer's in more than one way.  I'm keeping fit (he's a zumba favorite) and I'm learning Spanish at the same time.  I've learned so much already, it really is an effective way to pick up a language.

Unfortunately, most of it I can't repeat.

And now I sound like a Cuban rapper when I speak to my grandma.

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