Monday, February 13, 2012

Party On The Grid, Tron Style

For M's 6th bday, we decided to throw him a party.  Jolly jumper, games, prizes, the whole nine yards.  In our household, we have a rule:  birthday party every other year, family get together in between.  So they have two years to wait, anticipate, and plan their big event.  And I don't like to let them down.

Fortunately for my boys, I'm a lover of all things par-tay.  Throwing them, that is.  God forbid I have to attend one or am the guest of honor.  That's a terrifying thought to this introvert.  But throwing them, I love.

So when M asked for a Tron theme, I was all over it.  It started with the cake.  After years of making eggless, soyless, and milkless cakes so that L would always be included, most of the allergies are now outgrown, and I'm venturing out into store-bought cake territory.  Both M and I had hearts in our eyes when we spied this one.

Because M's bday is just weeks after Christmas, I was totally behind on planning this fete.  But the wheels were spinning.  I may have mentioned this before...when I become interested in something, I jump in with both feet.  Something like an obsession, this trait is both a blessing and a curse.  But with less than 3 weeks to get this party started, an obsession was what I was going to need.  A Tron-themed party is perfect fodder for this overactive imagination, and I took the challenge head-on.

It started with the flyer-style invites, which were easy enough.  But that just whet my appetite. The birthday boy was going to need a customized helmet.

(You're going to be seeing a lot of blue tape in this post, just warning you.)

And then I moved on to the black flooring that would turn our dining room into "the grid".

(I warned you.)

T-shirts became my next project.  As you can see from these final products, I don't let technical difficulties (like my failure to reverse the image) get in my way.

(I'm a wizard with that blue tape.)

After all this creativity, I thought to myself:  what am I missing?  Identity discs!  Of course, how could I forget identity discs for everyone.  That's how I ended up with these.

Did I go overboard, as I am want to do?  I think so.  Do I now look like the kooky mom of room 23?  Probably.  But I had myself a good time doing it.

And M had told me he had the best birthday party everrrrrr.


The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

You are an AWESOME party thrower.

Will you throw my next?

I want a Madonna themed party (complete with breast cones).



Not Supermom said...

That's kinda spectacular!! How did the cake come out?

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

AWWWW....what a lucky kid!!

It does indeed look like the best birthday party ever.

NumberWhisperer said...

Six, I would be all over a Madonna themed party. All. Over. It.

Supermom, the cake looked awesome, but the flavor was just eh. I'm probably just a home-made cake snob by now.

Thanks Elizabeth!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

You forgot the best part: When M's helmet knocked his own lights out while he was trying to win the sack race. Lol.

NumberWhisperer said...

heh, I'd almost forgotten about that already.