Monday, September 3, 2012

My Love For Captain EO Cannot Be Denied

Summer of 2012 was good to the Number Whisperer family.  Despite being broke about 90% of the time ("No, Mom, not beans again!"), we managed to make the most of two camping trips and one Priceline negotia-AYY-tored trip to the happiest place on earth. And by happiest place on earth, I mean the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, CA, which is 15 minutes south of Disneyland, the other happiest place on earth.

Priceline must've been feeling generous (or maybe it was because I was shopping at 11pm the night before arrival), because they upgraded us to a 4-star hotel for less than a hundred bucks.  Yay, Priceline!

But this post isn't about Priceline, it's about Disneyland.  We arrived at Downtown Disney shortly before opening and lasted almost until closing.  But because the lines were so short AND we had already been on Indiana Jones 4 times AND my legs were screaming "Deep Vein Thrombosis", we cut out an hour early.

I'll try not to bore you with tons of boring Disneyland photos; I can appreciate how boring vacation photos can be.  Who am I kidding?  Prepare to be bored.

That's my BH.

A ghost hitched a ride with us in the Haunted Mansion.

Jason Isaacs, eat your heart out.

Gotta have my Small World fix.

Don't EVER look them in the eyes.

When kids are done, they're done.

My view on most of the rides.

A kid can dream.

Less than thrilled to be going on It's a Small World.

This view never gets old.

Highlight of the day HAD to have been the Captain EO tribute.  And by tribute, Disneyland really just means, "we're playing it again for all you 40 year olds who have a latent affinity for 80's Michael Jackson, Angelica Houston, and pop-locking backup dancers."  I happen to fit that bill, as was evident by my squeal of joy when the camera panned up on Michael J in his first shot.

Just so you know, I wasn't the only one feeling the love.

I have no idea why I like this show so much or how I remember all the nuances of his head flicks, his backup dancers' stomping legs, and his pop-lockers' arm movements.  But I do.  When we left the show, I was still flying high.  I turned to BH and shared some my favorite moments, along with an "interpretive" rendition of those movements.

Apparently, he had never seen anyone so accurately imitate Captain EO's (or his dancers') moves before.  It was very eye opening for him.  And perhaps a little embarrassing. 

The youtube videos don't do it justice, and I can't bear the thought of someone dismissing Captain EO based on a youtube viewing.  All I can say is Go See It Now.

A trip of mine would not be complete with some sort of embarrassing moment.  San Simeon consisted of a face plant while climbing out from the tent.  El Capitan included a butt slide down a hill.

Disneyland was not quite so slapstick.  Instead it involved a bird, my person, and a monorail full of onlookers.  Yes, I got nailed with bird poop.  Thick, gooey, multi-colored bird poop.  Right as I was boarding the monorail.

Fortunately, the conductors had lots of tissue and disinfectant around, and they held the departure while I cleaned myself up.  I think I would've preferred they send the carriage on it's way, rather than have everyone watch me clean bird turd off me.  But I took it in stride.  I'm used to it by now.

Despite the bird poop, it was worth the $62,000 we shelled out for tickets.  Ok, it was a bit less than that.  But we're already saving up for our return trip planned for the year 2032.


Henri B. said...

*squeal* I saw Captain EO when I was 7 and that's the only thing I remember about my trip to Disneyworld other than falling asleep at a drive through while my mom and her friends watched Top Gun.

Getting bird pooped on is lucky according to the old crazy New Orleans people I grew up around.

Anonymous said...

You're in good company with the bird poop. My youngest got splattered on in Disney World the one time we were there. And we keep telling my oldest that it will be a divine message if a bird ever gets him.

I only remember being confused by Captain EO. Maybe it's worth another try. Btw, love the small world look you got.

NumberWhisperer said...

Henri,I've also heard that it's good luck. I think that's what people made up to try and cut down on the disgust felt by the targets.

Anon, perhaps it was divine intervention for me? :)