Monday, April 16, 2012

#1 Reason Why I Hate Blogger Today

I had this lovely post prepared for today.  It was Pulitzer-worthy, no joke.  (You'll have to trust me on this one.)

It was saved and scheduled, ready to go for a bright and early Monday morning unveiling.

But it needed one last edit.  (I like things perfect.)

Some how, some way, through a series of keystrokes still unbeknownst to me, I managed to delete the entire post.  Gone.

And then decided to auto-save.

Why, I ask, WHY would this application have an auto-save function built into it?  (This isn't the first time this has happened to me, which is probably why I'm unreasonably upset about this.)

I need a moment to count to ten.


Youngman Brown said...

Agh that is awful.

Do what I do and write it in Microsoft Word first, then copy and paste it in.

Then at least the whole thing won't get deleted when you are making edits.

NumberWhisperer said...

YB, I'm incredibly lazy, which explains why this has happened more than once. But seeing as how Blogger is forcing my hand, I guess I'll have to heed your good advice.

Jadzia@Toddlerisms said...

I am having weird Blogger problems, too. I really want to switch to, but am daunted by the amount of work that looks like it will be.

NumberWhisperer said...

Jadzia, everyone once in a while I consider that too. But then I might lose my 12 followers that I've worked so hard to gain, lol.

Why, it's Clark! said...

I hate it when that happens. That's why I do what Youngman Brown said: write it in Word and then copy and paste it (Word's spellcheck is better too).