Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Cosmic Message?

So Easter was already a week ago, and everyone is probably sick to death of all the pastel-colored posts filled with pictures of babies and bunnies.  Which is why I won't be posting my Easter pictures any time soon.  Instead, my Easter wrap-up will consist of two pictures, which seem to sum up my life these days.

Hmmm, I bet they hid an egg in here.  This baby is mine!

Hand, meet Wasp's Nest.


Bigger than Average Mom said...

was this house in our hometown????

NumberWhisperer said...

Yes, does it look familiar? It should.

Rebeccah said...

oh no...OUCH. Everyone ok?

NumberWhisperer said...

Rebeccah, no one got hurt. The wasps weren't home at the time.