Monday, November 12, 2012

Cupcake Wars, 8th Grade Style

Me (at pick up, after school, to P):  "Hi Sweetie, how was school today?"

P (with his typical lack of enthusiasm):  "It was ok."

Me (still trying):  "Nothing interesting happened?"

P:  "Well, we did have cupcake wars today in cooking, and I'm going to get an F, because Clare used half a cup of vinegar instead of oil."

Me:  "Oh no...did she do it on purpose?"

P:  "No, and when she realized what she did, we told Miss Phelps, but she wouldn't let us do it over.  She said she didn't have enough flour."

Me: "So you had to serve it like that?  Did the judges eat it?"

P (gaining enthusiasm):  "Yeah.  Mrs. Young has a nut allergy, so she couldn't try it, but Mr. White had to eat it all."

Side note:  Mr. White is his English teacher from last year.  Tough, but really fun teacher.

Me:  "What did he do when he ate it?  Did he gag?"

P:  "It was so funny.  He almost spit it out and yelled, 'It's vinegar!'  All the kids were laughing."

Me (chuckling at the thought of sticking it to the Man):  "Did he know it was your team that made the cupcake?"

P:  "Not at first.  But when we left class, I walked by him and said, 'Don't ever give me a B again.'"

That's my boy. 

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