Monday, November 19, 2012

L'Occitane is French for "Love This Stuff"

I've mentioned before that I work for a large company.  Because that company is so large, and I am located in a highly traveled-to office, we have a pretty sweet deal set up with the nearby Four Seasons Hotel.  A little thing commonly referred to as a Corporate Rate.  Anyone who travels to my part of the world AND who books through our internal agency gets to stay there and enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous for a few days.

But if you're like me and happen to live in town, you only get to hear about how great the hotel is.  Corporate rates only apply to out of towners.  

One of the perks of staying at the Four Seasons is that they stock the bathroom with L'Occitane bath and body products.  If you're not familiar with L'Occitane, just think Bath and Body Works for the elite.  Normally, I'm pretty critical (read cheap) about expensive stuff, but in this case, you really do get what you pay for.  

This stuff is amazing. If I were wealthy, my bathroom would be decked out in L'Occitane, head to toe (or ceiling to floor).  But I'm not even close to wealthy, so I have to resort to other tactics. 

Like begging my visiting co-workers to smuggle out a bar of soap for me when they're in town.

Six years of asking for soap and griping about never seeing the inside of the Four Seasons finally paid off.  A very generous associate beqeathed these gifts to me on her last visit.


Can I tell you how happy this package makes me?  Mostly because of it's contents, but also because it was a token of appreciation in a time of late nights and work-filled weekends.

So let's break down the contents.

By the way, I should spell it out that in no way am I affiliated with L'Occitane.  A quick glance at my 13 followers should confirm to you that I am hardly anyone's target blogger for some easy advertising.  This post is all me.

So, back to the loot.  I can break down the goodies into two categories:  lotions and cleansers.  Here are the lotions.

Now, I ask, does anyone really need five different kinds of lotion?  YES, they do.  Hand, foot, body, extra dry skin, AND firming concentrate; they're all vital.  Particularly the firmer.  I know exactly where I'm going to be using this one...on that kangaroo pouch of a stomach that three pregnancies have left me with.  I have high hopes for this firming creme.

When it comes to the cleansers, all I can say is yum.

This company is not just about pretty packaging.  Their soaps are luxurious, and that Shower Oil...I need to pause to remember the first time I discovered the Shower Oil.  It was just yesterday, but just like the day Man first walked on the moon, I already know I'll remember exactly what I was doing when I first discovered this product.  This stuff looks like oil in the bottle but lathers up and transforms into magic.  I could not believe how GOOD it smelled and how soft it left my skin.  I honestly thought to myself, "I could totally bathe in this," and then realized that I actually was bathing in it.  It's that good.

I should probably tell you that the scents are not uniform across the different products, and some are a bit perfumey.  But I drool over the skin firmer and shower oil scents. 

I don't even want to know how much these items costs individually...I assume this will be the one and only time I ever bask in the glow of a fully L'Occitane-stocked bathroom.  And so, the children have been warned to keep their hands off Momma's new soaps and lotions. I'll be watching the level of my Shower Oil closer than George Jefferson watched the level of his liquor.

Have you been using my Shower Oil?
After spending a good half hour staring at my windfall, I gathered everything up and returned back to reality.  As I was lifting the bag that the gift came in, another package fell out.  A bonus gift!!!  

I know.  I kind of hate me too right now.


TILTE said...

These "freebies" are seriously nicer and worth more than any gifts that are ever under the family Christmas tree. MUST BE NICE TO BE SO SPOILED AND MOISTURIZED!!

Number Whisperer said...

Vous etes tres jaloux...oh, look at that, I didn't realize I was speaking French. it must be all that France rubbing off on me.